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The Chinese Dragon is awake and narrowing its sights on the South China Sea.

America - and it's president Morgan Taylor – knows that left unchecked it will lead to war. But modern warfare is too deadly and destructive and must be avoided.

To square the circle, the President calls on David Santos, a retired air force general and intelligence officer to form a team of crack special forces operatives to fight a delaying action until he can create a new alliance and diplomatic counter.

Santos quickly forms a team of young misfits and deploys to South East Asia - working in the shadows, trying to prevent a war. They know America will deny all knowledge of their existence and capture will mean torture - and death.

But China is on the march, determined to act within days, and has deployed its own unit to counter the Americans.

The fate of Santos and his team in the South China Sea could shape - or shatter - the peace between two global superpowers.

The clock is ticking. The race is on.

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Vietnam, 31 January 1968.

 Over an action-packed 24 hours, three lives collide amidst war and violence.

Captain Mark Warren and his crew are trash haulers,  airlifting supplies and personnel on their C-130 Hercules, the         workhorse of tactical airlift.

Flying a Huey,  the helicopter that symbolizes mobile warfare in Vietnam, Wilson Tanner is a Dust Off pilot who risks all to rescue the wounded. 

At Se Pang, Colonel Tran Sang Quan comes into conflict with inept superiors as they initiate the People’s Army of Vietnam’s long-planned General Offensive and Uprising.

This is the beginning of the Tet Offensive.

Both sides face more than the enemy as superior officers maneuver for political advantage, and where cowardice, prejudice and treachery infiltrate the ranks.

 In the air and on the land,  raw courage, tenacity, and honor are the marks of humanity that deal with                                  the wreakage of war.

Fast-paced and gripping, ‘The Trash Haulers’ is an exciting aviation thriller from a master of the genre, and, in the telling, paints a rare portrait of the war

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The twin specters of starvation and genocide stalk the southern Sudan when the tyrannical regime in Khartoum unleashes the Janjaweed, horseback-mounted Baggara tribesmen, on the peaceful Dinka and Nuer tribes.  The prize is control of the oil reserves lying beneath tribal lands, and a weary United Nations responds with a half-hearted attempt riddled with corruption to rescue a beleaguered people. The United States sends six aging Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft and 165 personnel to support the UN peacekeepers and fly relief into the heart of the war-torn land.

But age-old hatreds cannot be suppressed and the Janjaweed cause one of the C-130s to crash, killing the crew and commander of the US detachment.

The UN peacekeepers are withdrawing when the newly appointed commander of the C-130 unit arrives.  His unit's morale is in the dirt and the situation chaotic.  Appalled by the slaughter he witnesses, he becomes a driven man, determined to save as many tribal Nuer and Dinka as he can.  He makes an unlikely ally, the French commander of the peacekeeping force who was born Senegalese. The two men are military anachronisms, throwbacks to an earlier age. But both know how to fight – one in the air, the other on the ground – and fight they will.

The situation spins out of control and becomes a battle of personal survival where defeat will result in genocide.



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Six geezers in six small sailboats, caught in the wildest adventure. Their own Odyssey - packed with the same monsters, mysterious women, and capricious gods who tormented Ulysses.

They have to find their way home . . . somehow.

They have a long way to go. 


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Gus Tyler, a retired Air Force F-15 pilot, stands before the International Criminal Court accused of war crimes committed on the infamous Highway of Death during the Gulf War of 1991.

The world is watching and he is a man going down, a sacrificial pawn, unless he can find justice in a far and distant land, the slaughterhouse of the Southern Sudan.



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What critics say about Richard Herman's novels.

"Herman's characterizations are fluent and convincing . . ." - Publisher's Weekly

"Too many of today's geopolitical thrillers ring false but not Herman's." - San Francisco Examiner

"The novel excels in its characterization and suspense." - Florida Sun-Times

"Rock solid . . . Both the service politics and the geopolitics are, for once, thoroughly believable."Kirkus Reviews