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Richard Herman
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The world had always been a dangerous place, no more so than now. It is a story as old as mankind, the quest for power, dominence, and territory, and only the locale has changed.

The time is now and the place is the South China Sea.

The Dragon Sea is the second in a trilogy where a young and untested president of the United States is forced to fight a delaying action, employing a small team of special forces operatives, until he can bring the tradiotional tools of diplomacy, alliances, and economic pressure to bear. 


What critics say about Richard Herman's novels.

"Herman's characterizations are fluent and convincing . . ." - Publisher's Weekly

"Too many of today's geopolitical thrillers ring false but not Herman's." - San Francisco Examiner

"The novel excels in its characterization and suspense." - Florida Sun-Times

"Rock solid . . . Both the service politics and the geopolitics are, for once, thoroughly believable."Kirkus Reviews