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Richard Herman
An Author

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Richard Herman prefers to go by his nickname “Dick” and is a retired Air Force officer who flew C-130s as a navigator and F-4s as a weapons systems officer. While on active duty, he served two tours in Southeast Asia during the “unpleasantness” there and logged over 240 combat missions. He also taught at the Air Force Academy and served as an operations plans officer.


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And Now

After retiring, he turned to writing about the aircraft he loves, and is the author of fourteen novels – including critically acclaimed The Warbirds and Power Curve.  His novels have reached the White House and are read world-wide, ranging from Japan to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, to Poland. 

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Dick is an avid small craft sailor and lives and writes in Folsom, California.

What critics say about Richard Herman's novels.

"Herman's characterizations are fluent and convincing . . ." - Publisher's Weekly

"Too many of today's geopolitical thrillers ring false but not Herman's." - San Francisco Examiner

"The novel excels in its characterization and suspense." - Florida Sun-Times

"Rock solid . . . Both the service politics and the geopolitics are, for once, thoroughly believable."Kirkus Reviews